What's New in St. Croix Falls, Wisconsin With Dollars for Scholars?


2018 Chili-Soup Cook Off January 18th, 5-6:30pm

We invite you to dinner, and to support Dollars for Scholars

2017  Winners!

1st Place Chili - SCF Football Booster Club - Steph Belisle & Heidi Marks

2nd Place Chili - Kindergarten Kitchen Kreations(Dresser School gals)


1st Place Soup - Howlin Wolf Creek Bar&Grill JeanStoddard & Laura Fairchild

2nd Place Soup - Dresser Lions - Eric Anderson's Chicken Gumbo









Thank you to  all Chili/Soup Cook Off Participants in 2017


Howlin Wolf Creek Bar&Grill - Jean Stoddard & Laura Fairchild - Chili

Howlin Wolf Creek Bar&Grill - Jean Stoddard & Laura Fairchild - Soup

Dresser LionsSoup - Eric Anderson

Festival Theatre - Black Box Chili - Ed Moersfelder and Peter Weber

Middle School Drama Club - Chili- Kathy Scharfenberg & Bryan Ekern

Kindergarten Kitchen Kreations - Chili

Red Hot Double D's - Taco Soup - Barb Davidsavor/Andrea Daniels

Hot and Spicy Chili  - Paul Montgomery

Cushing 4-H Beef Barley Soup - Corina McManus

Award Winning Chili - Dollars for Scholars - Tawny Christenson

State Street Café - Chili - Kathryn Vagen

SCF Lion's Club - Chili

CLC (Community Learning Center) - Katie Folkstad - Chili

SCF Booster Football Club - Chili - Steph Belisle and Heidi Marks