Our Chapter Thrives on Community Support

Our Dollars for Scholars chapter succeeds because our community believes in students. The following partners have helped us help those students through their support of Dollars for Scholars. Following is a list of scholarships and the student(s) that were awarded them.

Class of 2018 Community Partner Scholarship Awards

St. Croix Falls Dollars for Scholars - $250  Spencer Steek, Danae Twiest

$500 Margaret Butler, Caitlyn Carsley, Elsie Flom, Mirabelle Vezina

SCF Dollars For Scholars Best Chili (SCF Football Boosters) and Best Soup (Sarah Brown-Steeber) Cook Off  - $500  Gage Johnson and Collin Anderson

SCF Dollars for Scholars Alumni Scholarships

$500 Awards to each of the following alums..

Sawyer Brice, Kalli Christenson, Luke Clark, Alaina Driscoll, Taylor Jacobson, Mackenzie Jensen, Ella Kerkow,Megan Kerkow, Madison Oachs, Maria Oachs, Brook Thaemert, Claire Scharfenberg

Osceola Community Health Foundation - $500  Torihatta Wendorf

Dresser Trap Rock Quarry - $1000  Collin Anderson, Anna Klein

Inter-County Cooperative Publishing - $750 Caitlyn Carsley

Hazelden - $600  Josephine Fitzgerald

Trollhaugen Ski - $500 Emma Aguilar, Josephine Fitzgerald, Alyiah Lyman

Dresser Lions Club  - $500 Maria Mejia

SCF Lions Club - ($300/yr for 4 years) Isabella Gatten

Tenere - $500 Tyler Cooper

First National Community Bank - $500  Anthony DeLuca, William Radinzel

MidWest One Bank - $250 Hunter Weber

K-3 Cushing Defense Fund - $100 Nicholas Courteau

Cushing Fire Department - $100 Maria Meija

Former Amery Farmers Union - $500 Katrian Gamer

Falls Orthodontics - $500 Anja Erickson

Johnson Motors - $500 Brandy Eisen

SCF Teacher Appreciation -  $500 Elsie Flom, Anna Klein

St. Croix Family Dentistry - $500 Anja Erickson

Northwire - $1000 Joseph Gorres

H & R Block - $500 Jady Parks

Bethesda Lutheran - $500 Collin Anderson

St. Croix Auto Body - $250 Spencer Langer

SCRMC Volunteers - $500 Anja Erickson

Gyllen Family - $2500 Shawn Lumsden

Osceola Rod & Gun Club --$500 Michaela Kruger